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Discover our liqueurs

The long cold infusion in glass containers of natural herbs and vegetables is driven by the tireless search for new notes for the improvement or creation of new products.
Genziana Superiore
Dedicated to those who love a discrete, balanced bitter capable of caressing the most refined palates with the persistent bouquet of this fine root.
Ratafia Ciociara
Inspired by “Rattafia’; a sour black cherry flavoured wine once produced by peasants in Ciociaria and especially in Alatri, we have created a new liquor guided by the...
Sambuca fina

The date of birth of this recipe, definitely the most ancient among Colazingari products, is lost in the mists of time. The wine making procedures described in...

Amaro Badia
Separate cold infusions and natural flavors in a balanced mix make this bitter strong and never invasive, with refinement which has always characterized our products.
Nocino Ciociaro

The various recipes of “Nocino” (walnut liqueur) are part of the very long Italian tradition of liqueurs. Our recipe, in particular, is based on the accurate selection of...

Amaro Laziale
The old vintage label testifies to the long life of the recipe of this liquor, the most classic of bitters. Moderately alcoholic, mellow enough, Amaro Laziale stands out for a...
Anicetto al caffè

The creation of this product has been spurred by the well-made coupling of a few anise drops and a good, sufficiently sweet coffee. Strictly abiding by these parameters and...


Limoncello has probably become the most fashionable liqueur in Italy: everybody has his/her own recipe based on lemon peels, alcohol and sugar.

Limone e Cedro

As for limoncello, the core element of this liqueur is the strong presence of fresh lemon peel. What gives this product its peculiarity and personality is the citron fragrance...